Patio Doors

We are passionate about providing the very best patio door products to help you enhance your living space.

Patio doors feature an immense stretch of glass within the build which helps provide terrific views into your back garden and let in an abundance of natural light to flood your living space and make your conservatory that much more enjoyable.

Wessex doors are available with a huge variety of options to guarantee they perfectly complement your property, where traditional or contemporary. We offer UPVC and aluminium doors that offer minimal maintenance given the durability of the material. Wessex patio doors also come with nine individual finishes to give you further options. Our patio doors offer a versatility and practicality that enhances the classical appearance, while also feature low costs. Wessex patio costs aim to help each customer achieve the very best quality within their home renovation project while enjoying affordable prices.

Use a patio door to unite home and garden...

When the weather gives you the opportunity to spend time outside in the garden and you have some patio doors installed, you will find it difficult to resist the temptation to head outdoors. Using the handle, just a gentle pull will be enough to make the patio door effortlessly slide across from a closed position. Because they’re operable via a sliding motion, you can place furniture right up close to the patio doors without any chairs or tables interfering with their movement. You will also be able to leave a patio door open in windy conditions, without fear of it becoming damaged.

Each time you manoeuvre the patio door along the stainless steel runners to either open or close it, they’ll almost feel as though they’re floating. Leaving it ajar will also make the respective room feel bigger.

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