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    Solid Roofs

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Timber entrance doors, front & back wood doors

Solid timber hardwood doors are a perennial favourite for front and back entrance doors.  Wood is a beautiful and much desired option when it comes to home improvement. However, despite the obvious natural beauty of solid wood, timber doors are traditionally the most expensive front entrance door option available. In addition, wooden doors suffer from the need for constant maintenance due to their susceptibility to the British weather.  Regular stripping and painting, warping and swelling are just a few of the more usual complaints. At Wessex Home Improvements we have overcome this by creating an engineered timber door that offers the natural look and feel of real wood, but with the durability of a modern composite door.

Traditional timber beauty matched with modern materials

Engineered wood doors represent the most complete residential entrance doors available to UK homeowners. In appearance, our timber doors are a striking throwback to their predecessors from the early 1900’s yet, in terms of performance they are worlds apart and benefit from almost every advancement made in the fields of security, energy efficiency, aesthetics and accessibility. With 27 door styles to choose from – in 21 different colours – and with 3 distinct suites of hardware, there’s a near endless amount of choice even before you’ve considered side panels,
top-lights, side-lights and glass designs.

We’ve ‘designed out’ all the disadvantages of natural timber …

Early examples of wooden doors, made from solid timber, are unquestionably characterful and idyllic. But the reality is that they are often fraught with the problems associated with natural wood materials such as warping, bowing, rotting and splintering, which directly affect how the door functions and looks. At the very least, these types of door require regular maintenance which is seldom compatible with modern lifestyles.

Our timber doors bring together Sapele Mahogany capping, aluminium sub-frames and Tricoya engineered wood panels to create the most popular wooden door alternative available in the UK.

Our engineered timber doors are made from a collection of wood-based materials that are chosen for their inherent qualities and brought together to ‘design out’ all of the natural downsides of solid timber. The result is a product that looks, feels and even sounds like wood, but without any functional compromises.

Many people need, or prefer, a degree natural light to be permitted by an entrance door which is why 20 of our styles feature an element of glazing, be it one piece of glass or an arrangement of several pieces of glass. But if complete privacy is high on your agenda, we offer 7 styles that feature no glass whatsoever and these doors are perhaps the best canvas for our heritage anvil or contemporary stainless steel hardware.

Choose one of 21 colour options – or choose two with a dual colour door …

Colours are of course primarily about appearance. However, the way we apply colours to our timber doors is about much more than just looks; it’s about protecting the door from the elements and ensuring the surface finish stands the test of time. This is exactly why we carefully apply the equivalent of 10 coats of paint to every door using the very latest spray technology to achieve accurate and even coverage. A refined recipe of undercoat paint, primer and water-based paints is applied in a controlled environment and the results simply speak for themselves. Choose from 21 timeless colours that can be applied to the inside and/or outside face of the door leaf. Image shows: 20 colours from the range – Vellum (white/cream) is also available; please ask your design consultant to see a colour guide.

View the style and colour combinations from the carousels to create your ideal door!

Need more information on wood doors?

If you need more information, please request a free brochure. You could also request a free no-obligation quotation today to find out more about our Engineered Wood Doors. Alternatively, if you have any questions, please feel free to phone us and a member of our friendly team will happily assist with any enquiry you may have.