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The UltraRoof is a highly thermally effective tiled roof structure, which has been carefully crafted to create a perfectly seamless replacement roof which can be used either as part of a new extension in your home or as a replacement installation for an existing conservatory on your property. With this type of roofing style you can also install glass windows of various sizes, even large windows to allow for lots of light in your home, meaning you can add both refinement and an area of relaxation to your home by simply installing Ultraroofs.

UltraRoofs high standard of thermal efficiency can be further benefited by ensuring you choose glass panels from our range of high performance glazing. This selection offers such fantastic benefits as solar reflection, to prevent glare, heat retention, to improve your energy bills, and self-cleaning capabilities which can be extremely useful when it comes to hard to reach areas such as roof windows. Finally, we finish this installation with an attractive plastered ceiling to create a cosy room.

No matter the size or shape of the roof you’re planning to install, UltraRoofs in Hampshire do not and will never require structural tie bars. This means you can have your brand new roof perfectly fitted within just a few short hours. This is the case for all conservatories and extensions, whether you have a Victorian, gable or lean-to conservatory, or plan on installing one alongside your brand new UltraRoof.

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glass house with skylights in hampshire

Gable Conservatory

The glazed gable-end of a solid roof gable conservatory allows large amounts of natural light to enter into your home, meaning you can have the luxury of a beautifully lit home with fantastic views, whilst having the benefit of an UltraRoof’s thermal insulation. With a plastered interior finish, your UltraRoof gable conservatory brings you the best of both the interior and exterior of your home.

If you wish to incorporate roof windows into the design of your conservatory then this can be easily achieved. Rectangular glazed windows can provide you with a glimpse of the skies above, perfect for both day and night time gazing. These glass panels can be incorporated on both the facets, and positioned wherever suits your style best to allows to make the most of the natural light on your property. In addition, the clever two facet structure of gable conservatories is the perfect base for UltraRoof roofing slates, transforming your extension with colours such as grey, brown and red roof tiles.

lean too conservatory winchester

Lean-To Conservatory

The single facet roof design of a lean-to conservatory is the perfect canvas on which to display the uninterrupted look of an UltraRoof in either grey, red or brown roof slates. These roofing slates have the benefit of being incredibly well engineered and low-maintenance, meaning you will have a lean-to conservatory that is simple and stunning in both aesthetic and nature. If you choose to add some windows to this installation then your lean-to conservatory will also be an area in which you can relax with vast amounts of natural light and great views all around. You can even have views of the skies above you if you wish to install glazed areas into your conservatory roof. This ability to add windows and glazed sections where you please means you can adapt your UltraRoof lean-to conservatory depending on the direction your house faces, and where it receives the most light. An UltraRoof addition to your home will vastly improve the thermal efficiency of your property, and any glazed additions to this structure will also provide excellent thermal insulation. To personalise your conservatory further you can even choose windows that have coloured tints to them, including bronze, blue and aqua.

solid roof conservatory in hampshire

Edwardian Conservatory

When it comes to conservatories, the Edwardian style was particularly popular in the 90’s and early 2000’s which, unfortunately, can mean they can look a little dated now. Traditionally, these styles have been roofed in clear polycarbonate roofing materials, which aren’t particularly attractive, and so replacing these roofs should be your first concern when updating an older conservatory. Updating your preexisting Edwardian conservatory with an UltraRoof system can reinvigorate this entire extension, bringing it swiftly back into fashion and aesthetically pleasing once more. An Edwardian conservatory uses a lot of glass panels in its structure, which means you gain a large amount of natural light in your property all day long, whilst the impressive thermal properties of the UltraRoof system means you can retain heat in what could otherwise be a colder room in your home. To successfully install an UltraRoof on top of your Edwardian conservatory you will need at least one solid wall, and ridge caps, which are fitted where two facets meet. You can choose between two different types of ridge caps; aluminium ridge caps with a smooth finish, or a slate ridge cap which is also known as an ‘armadillo’ ridge cap. These easily match the colour and effect of your chosen roof slates.


Victorian conservatory with warm roof

Victorian Conservatory

With a 3 or 5-bay front, Victorian conservatories can have a slightly rounded appearance which presents a softer look than some other styles of conservatory. Whether you have a  or 5-bay option, the UltraRoof tiling option is the ideal solution to provide your home extension with a thermal efficiency that it was previously lacking. Whatever style of Victorian conservatory you have, the various styles can all be covered with our selection of coloured roofing tiles, including grey, brown or red slates. The tiles used in the build of an UltraRoof are an exclusive part of the system, the design of which not only retains colour but also resists typical weathering symptoms of roof tiles, such as expansion and contraction. This means your roofing tiles are hard-wearing as well as being highly attractive, meaning the general aesthetic of your home is greatly improved whilst you can rest easy knowing your tiles won’t crack or split. You can even adapt your conservatory roof beyond improving its thermal efficiency with an UltraRoof by installing glass panels into your new roofing system. These glazed panels don’t detract from the thermal effectiveness of your UltraRoof, and also add the opportunity of having fantastic views from the comfort of your own home.


UltraRoof resolves the problem of conservatory temperature control all throughout the year.

extension with skylights near winchester

Conservatories are a beautiful addition to many a home throughout the country but they can be incredibly cold or hot if you don’t invest in the right products. The main reason why homeowners invest in solid roof conservatories is to improve the overall thermal efficiency of their properties and especially to control the temperature levels in the conservatory itself. This means your conservatory is the perfect temperature to relax in all year round, regardless of the weather outside. If you have an older conservatory fitted with a polycarbonate roof you should consider installing an UltraRoof in its place, as otherwise you’ll find you have an extension on your property that is too hot for use in summer, and far too cold in the winter season.

Though you can install glass roofs to improve the temperature control in your conservatory, with the capability of achieving a heat loss value of only 0.12 W/m²K, an UltraRoof is really the only solution that will better your conservatory dramatically. The solid roof brings more character to your property with the option of coloured tiles, whilst the ability to add large rectangular glazed panels to both the sides and top of your conservatory means you can have perfect views of the skies above – perfect for relaxing in the daytime or as the ideal starry backdrop for drinks in the evening.


The most advanced solution for your property

Though you can choose to automatically install an UltraRoof with your new conservatory, this efficient, weather resistant and lightweight roof is designed primarily as a replacement for roofs on existing conservatories and extensions. Older conservatories were often built with polycarbonate or glass roofs, which are not as thermally efficient as the advanced option that is an UltraRoof. If you’re looking to replace your conservatory roof then we will remove your old one before checking the structural integrity of the doors and windows that were originally installed. This is to make sure that we would be able to install a new roof without compromising the safety of the building as a whole. However, if you choose to replace the windows and doors that were first installed then we are more than happy to do this as well, simply keeping the conservatory frame to work from. If you don’t have an original conservatory to work from but are interested in purchasing one to increase the floor-space and room for relaxation in your home, or if you feel you’ve outgrown the size or shape of your old installation, then we can undertake a new project for you, to give you a conservatory that perfectly suits your needs and purposes.


Replacement Roof

A conservatory is an excellent addition to any home, which is why many properties today are fortunate enough to have one already attached. If your property also boasts a conservatory but it needs a little work, then you can minimise any associated refinishing costs but replacing only the roof with an UltraRoof. This product can be directly installed on top of preexisting doors and windows, meaning you can have a nearly entirely new conservatory in just a matter of hours. To make sure the process is a safe one, we will check all existing parts of your conservatory before installation and let you know directly if any parts need to be repaired. Your new roof will be watertight, incredibly thermally efficient, weather resistant and aesthetically pleasing, meaning you can have a revamped property in just a day. Once your new roof installation is completed you’ll be free to relax in your conservatory at a comfortable temperature, no matter the weather outside.

glass window extension winchester

Frames & Roof

If your conservatory roof is looking a little worn you may be considering a replacement, both to revamp its overall look and to improve your energy output. However, sometimes an older conservatory could be losing more heat than you think, as well as letting more of the outside weather in, if the windows and doors that were originally installed are no longer up to scratch, either. In the last decade the quality of fittings such as these has vastly improved. For this reason, many property owners looking to replace their conservatory roof with an UltraRoof may consider replacing the existing conservatory windows and doors, too. You can do this by choosing the modern version of the fittings you originally had installed or by changing the look of your home completely, by choosing windows and doors in striking colours, or different looking fittings, such as tilt & turn windows, or fantastic bi-fold doors to really open up your home for when you’re entertaining. This entire process is relatively simple and straightforward and can be done by using the original conservatory frame and base, meaning you avoid the expense of fitting an entirely new conservatory.


bespoke solid roof extension in winchester

New Build

All types of property are suitable where an UltraRoof installation is concerned and if you have a new build home extension or conservatory then we will be able to install an UltraRoof over this to greater improve your new fitting. Rather than moving to a new property, it’s sensible to try to adapt your home for the better, making it more suitable for your lifestyle and family requirements. If you’re looking to install an UltraRoof on a new build project then the process couldn’t be simpler, as the base of the conservatory, including windows, doors and frame, is already in place for us to quickly install the roof upon. This means there’s little disruption to your home, and the process will be over before you know it. Our installation experts can create a completely watertight roof on your extension or conservatory in just a day, meaning any internal plastering and decorating that needs to be done can be begun even sooner. As UltraRoof is factory-made and pre-assembled before being taken to your home, there is also very little wastage to deal with after the process is completed.


Slate colour choices to suit every the roof of every home…

The major benefit of UltraRoof is that it can massively increase the thermal efficiency of any home, whilst also being incredibly weather proof and attractive. However, UltraRoofs are also adaptable to your home, with a wide selection of colour choices available to match the roof of your home perfectly, so that your home will be uniform in colour throughout. There are many colour choices in our product selection, including terra brick, carbon grey, harvest brown and more. Most people do choose a colour that matches that of their roof tiles, but you can also choose a colour option that matches the tint on your glazing, which is available in blues, bronzes and aqua shades.

The polymer slates used in an UltraRoof installation look remarkably similar to traditional roofing tiles, with a natural effect in their manufacture featuring peaks and lines, but are much more resilient. When it comes to the installation process, the tiles can be fitted 12 at a time, which allows for rapid fitting and a quick conservatory re invigoration. With a choice of ridge caps, either armadillo caps to match the look of the tiles or smoother aluminium ridge caps to give off a modern look, the final look is slick and attractive, changing your home for the better.

We manage all building regulations and problems…

As UltraRoof is an approved roofing product, being both an LABC (Local Authority Building Control) and LABSS (Local Authority Building Standards Scotland) roof system, the entire installation process is much easier to gain permission for from Building Regulations, if needed. If you have little to no knowledge of the building regulations ins and outs, there’s no need to worry; our team of design consultants can talk you through each step, and may be able to act as a go-between in many projects. This means they can work to gain approval on your behalf so you have no need to worry. As UltraRoof is an approved product, it means that it’s recognised as a safe and sturdy building material for a range of uses, meaning any building application using this item will generally be fast-tracked. Making your way through the loopholes of Building Regulations can sound like a headache but often it sounds more complicated than the actual process can end up being. We will do the majority of the work so you don’t have to worry about it and your new UltraRoof can be installed as soon as possible.


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