Solid Roofs in Hampshire

The winter weather can make enjoying the great outdoors remarkably difficult, with low temperatures often forcing us back inside despite our best efforts. To solve this problem, our solid roof conservatories can help to satisfy that feeling of being outside, whilst ensuring you and your family are always kept comfortable and warm. Instead of a traditional glazed or polycarbonate roof, which can often be seen on many conservatories, a conservatory solid roof will help to provide that essential durability and complete protection against the elements. Our solid roof conservatories come with a Guardian Warm Roof, which uses tiles to help give you that extra level of security. Not only does it provide strength and safety, but our solid roofs in Hampshire can be modified so that their roofs blend in perfectly with that of your property.

As well as our ability to modify our solid roof conservatories so that they perfectly suit your home’s aesthetic, our solid roof conservatories cost is kept at a low price. This is so that you can achieve the home extension of your dreams, without having to needlessly worry about finances. What this means is that you can enjoy a fantastic view of the world outside at a low cost, and from the comfort of your own home. At Wessex Home Improvements, we pride ourselves on supplying the best and most innovative products available on the market. With over thirty years of experience in the home improvements industry, we know just how important it is that our customers receive the very best.

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Our Range

Solid Roof Replacement

At Wessex, we’re dedicated to making your home the best it can be. Our replacement roof solutions can enhance your home.

Solid Roof Sunrooms

A sunroom with a solid roof allows you to enjoy the outside while staying secure and warm inside. A great addition to your property.


Easy to install and providing a fantastic thermal solution, Ultraroofs work great as a replacement solid roof or on a new build.

Solid Roof Extensions

Extensions are the perfect way to add more room to your home, with solid roofs making them feel permanent and stable.

Garden Rooms

Bring the natural elements of light and the view of your garden while having the solid roof structure for extra security.