Guardian Warm Roofs

Guardian Warm Roofs™ from Wessex are the perfect way to create a conservatory, orangery  or extension that can be used all year round.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing solid roof or looking to replace an older polycarbonate roof a Guardian Warm Roof ™ is a fantastic way to improve your extension. One of the most common complaints we hear about conservatories is that they have lost the ability to keep the space warm. Modern solid roof technology eliminates this problem by helping to maintain a comfortable temperature all year round. Such modern energy efficiency means you will spend less on your energy bills and have greater control over the internal temperature of your home. Featuring a lightweight frame, modern insulation materials, and a choice of external tile finishes, our solid roofs are a great way to revitalise your existing living space. One additional benefit of a solid roof that is sometimes overlooked is its superb sound insulation; allowing you to effectively eliminate outside noise.

A Guardian Warm Roof will transform your extension forever...

Insulated - The Guardian Warm Roof has a very fetching look, but that’s by far all it offers. Once fitted, your extension will feel completely revitalised internally, making all-year round usage of the structure a viable option. The excess heat that previously used to be lost through your old glass or PVC roofing system will be retained more effectively, in part because of the inclusion of a rigid insulation board and insulated plywood within the Warm Roof. You will never have felt so comfy in your conservatory.

Solid Feel & Look - You just can’t compare the inviting ambience provided by a Warm Roof with the ordinary ambience delivered via a polycarbonate or glass roof. It will become a place where you want to spend more of your time taking in the natural light that comes through the various glazed facets e.g. windows, doors and roof windows. The way the Warm Roof is designed and finished makes it easily mistaken for a traditional tiled roofing system.

Simple Fit - We use inventive ways to design and manufacture the Guardian Roof to make it inexpensive and quick to fit. Wessex could have a Warm Roof on your extension faster than you probably think.

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